1. May 15, 2019  

    We need a Community Database

    Hey, what does everyone think about us making our own community database? Hosted by Warmane preferably but mostly managed by players so its not more of a workload on staff I think is a preferable option. I keep looking up fishing maps and finding out theres nothing there, I would be happy to make fishing maps for one!

    I tried posting here a few months ago but got into the wrong category I guess... that's not my intention. I think this is the right place. I'll take it down if its not the right place. sorry. I read over the rules just to be safe, I think this must be the right place, but this is like.. the 2nd time I've used this forum in years. I don't mean to "repost" anything that's already been asked, I've never asked this before.
    Edited: May 15, 2019

  2. May 15, 2019  
    Warmane already has a community database and it's called Cavern of Time (previously openwow).


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