1. Disc Lf long term partner for 2s

    My disc is currently 1/5 main, full offset and rings, ALLIANCE....my team is 1700 rating atm....i am looking for a stable long term partner to push the rating and have a good, frendly hang out. i like to voice if possible, but i can do without if you are good.

    i had 2.8 xp in 2s on old molten cataclysm (i know that doesnt mean **** tho :)
    i was 2.3 in 2s and 2.1 in 3s on retail legion
    had 2150 in bfa in 2s ad sic on retail but quit since the expansionn sucked
    i moved to wotlk 4 months ago since its the only active pvp expansion (i'd love it if it was MOP instead) and i am kinda new-ish to it but i got the hang of it by now

    add me to discord


    or in game im usually on names Pakshu, Kloshar or Sused

    have a nice day :)
    Edited: September 1, 2019

  2. still loking....team is 1820 atm im 2/5 with 2 t1 weapons now

  3. Hi buddy,

    add my discord :) - Dom#2932

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