1. May 27, 2019  

    Jewelcrafting Guide 1-400 (ICECROWN)

    I created this guide for personal use, for the sole purpose of leveling jewelcrafting on my alts to get the 375 JC sockets, figured I might share it for anyone that is interested in leveling to 400 with all materials ready to go, it goes without saying that the full list of materials does not have to be 100% accurate but it worked for 2 of my characters.
    The last 50 levels for anyone that is interested in that is simply to craft whatever gems are available, and the last 25 something levels is the available Meta gems.

    NOTE: If you don't feel like buying the design for the Moss Agate Pendant you can make Heavy jade Ring which costs roughly 30 iron bars, 15 jade and 10 extra bronze setting(20 extra bronze bars), it will also be alittle more expensive.
    The design can be found inside the keep in Menethil harbor for alliance and from the jewelcrafting trainer in Orgrimmar.


    Copper Bar 40x
    Malachite 10x
    Bronze Bar 40x
    Shadowgem 10x
    Silver Bar 20x
    Heavy Stone 20x
    Moss Agate 10x
    Mithril Bar 40x
    Truesilver Bar 10x
    Citrine 5x
    Aquamarine 15x
    Flask of Mojo 20x
    Thorium Bar 22x
    Star Ruby 10x
    Large Opal 5x
    Azerothian Diamond 10x
    Huge Emerald 4x
    Black Diamond 10x
    Fel Iron Bar 5x
    Golden Draenite 4x
    Azure Moonstone 6x
    Deep Peridot 3x
    Flame Spessarite 20x
    Bloodstone 20x (Or any equivelant)

    As of 2019-05-27 the full price of these materials cost me roughly 2500 gold on Alliance


    1. 20x Delicate Copper Wire ----- 40x Copper Bar

    2. 10x Malachite Pendant ----- 10x Malachite + 10x Delicate Copper Wire

    3. 10x Thick Bronze Necklace ----- 20x Bronze Bar + 10x Shadowgem + 10x Copper Wire

    4. 10x Ring of Silver Might ----- 20x Silver Bar

    5. 2x Heavy Stone Statue ----- 16x Heavy Stone

    6. 10x Bronze Setting ----- 20x Bronze Bar

    7. 10x Agate Pendant (Menethil Harbor/Orgrimmar) ----- 10x Moss Agate + 10x Bronze Setting

    8. 14x Mithril Filigree ----- 28x Mithril Bar

    9. 7x Truesilver Ring ----- 7x Truesilver Bar + 14x Mithril Filigree

    10. 5x Citrine Ring ----- 5x Citrine + 10x Mithril Bar

    11. 5x Aquamarine Ring ----- 15x Aquamarine + 20x Flask of Mojo

    12. 22x Thorium Setting ----- 22x Thorium Bar

    13. 5x Red Ring of Destruction ----- 5x Star Ruby + 5x Thorium Setting

    14. 5x Ruby Pendant ----- 5x Star Ruby + 5x Thorium Setting

    15. 5x Simple Opal Ring ----- 5x Large Opal + 5x Thorium Setting

    16. 5x Glowing Thorium Band ----- 10x Azerothian Diamond + 5x Thorium Setting

    17. 2x Emerald Lion Ring ----- 4x Huge Emerald + 2x Thorium Setting

    18. 10x Prismatic Black Diamond ----- 10x Black Diamond

    19. 2x Golden Draenite Ring ----- 2x Fel Iron Bar + 4x Golden Draenite

    20. 3x Azure Moonstone Ring ----- 3x Fel Iron Bar + 6x Azure Moonstone + 3x Deep Peridot

    21. 20x Glinting Flame Spessarite ----- 20x Flame Spessarite

    22. 20x Bold Bloodstone ----- 20x Bloodstone
    Edited: May 28, 2019

  2. May 28, 2019  
    Thanks for the guide but the title should say 1-400.

  3. May 28, 2019  

  4. May 22, 2020  
    " As of 2019-05-27 the full price of these materials cost me roughly 2500 gold on Alliance"

    2500 GOLD ON icecrown? x3 profession ?

  5. Not to be toxic at all, but this guide is so incorrect that i cant find words rofl...

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