1. May 29, 2019  

    Cross-realm decreases Warmane donations

    Because why would someone pay to skip the queue to log into ICC and eventually donate all the bis offsets most classes require, when you can just play on blackrock, with no queue, easily farm your pve hc braciers/necks/cloaks/rings/belts/boots/trinkets/etc, and maybe donate for 1/10 of the gear you would have donated for in ICC, while having access at the same arena/bg environment of all wotlk servers?

    While some pvp players still prefer playing on ICC for other reasons, the vast majority of players who enjoy pvp simply need a good arena/bg environment, and now that they have that on Blackrock, with easier and cheaper farm, there is no need to play on ICC and donate for more, like they would have done if there were no Cross-realm.
    If before the merge playing on ICC gave you some perks, such the access to a bigger pvp community, active bgs and arenas, now with the Cross-realm those advantages are gone and are not unique to ICC anymore.

    For the reasons above I think that Cross-realm, in the end, decreases the income of Warmane.
    Edited: May 29, 2019

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