1. May 11, 2019  

    The problem is not premade is the racial change

    Hi, all in lordaeron and blackrock are bored of PVP in bg, the real problem isnt the "premades" the real problem is the switch of faction, im ally but always apears in the horde side, some dev or gm unbalance the game, and always put iceclown in alliance and lordaeron and blackrock in the horde, nobody wants this change, but still up, its boring...

    Some day one skilled hacker drop the database and this business is goes to off...

  2. May 31, 2019  
    I am new to the server and i am currently lvling up with my friends some Alliance charcters at the Lordaeron realm. i know that this change happens in Blackrock where my Alliance chracter turns into a Horde in the majority of the BGs i enter BUT is this really happening also at Lordaeron??? i am going to spend dozens of hours at the x1 realm lvling an Alliance charcter only to be turned into a Horde when i queue for BGs when i get to lvl 80??? this is Absurd. If someone can confirm that please reply, thank you

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