1. BG issues on warmane WOTLK servers

    As a player on Icecrown and former Blackrock I feel a HUGE sadness when I go to a BG and get outgeared by someone, which I can see comes from Blackrock. By the Blackrock title I know they did next to NOTHING, for their gear (HC PvE trinkets included as well) + PvP weapons, which is non existing on Icecrown/Lordaeron before wrath weapons.

    Instead of you just saying - THIS IS STUPID! FU WARMANE!
    I would like to make a suggestion for possible fix for both horde and alliance frustrations.

    Server setup:
    Icecrown/Lordaeron stays the same. Since the gearing process is fair and Blizzlike on both. Maybe add PvP weapons vendors for arena points. As I’ve stated before, I know they didn’t exist on retail, but again this is not retail.
    And it is highly requested for PvP players to get these.

    Blackrock should be split into 2 servers. Giving people some time to opt to one or another.

    Also migrate the existing characters to the wanted server. Keeping the actually earned achievements. Titles HKS etc, hell even mounts.

    Blackrock 1:
    - Instant 80
    - Merged BG’s and arenas with Icecrown/Lordaeron
    - Start with savage/normal or HC dungeon gear + breaker.
    - Gear progress should be like on Icecrown/Lordaeron. Slowly feeding players with gear, will be way healthier/balanced in the actual PvP scene + keep players playing for longer. Giving a long sighted goal so accomplish.
    - Give same donate/point shop as Icecrown
    - Custom malls with stuff like glyphs, gems etc. buyable for honor and arena points.
    - Custom gear vendors with furious/relentless gear to same prices as on Icecrown INCLUDED WEAPONS!
    - Let transmog be more accesable. I liked the lootboxes from BG with random gear. Gave a form of currency among players to actually play for.

    Basically my idea is make the regular obtainable items buyable for honor and arena points.
    - Pots, flask
    - Mounts
    - “Fun items”

    Blackrock 2 - Classic arena server:
    - Basically the current Blackrock server
    - A server for Arena players. Easy access to all the gear so you can just enjoy arenas.
    - Those who ONLY want to play arena can go in here and test stuff, play arenas etc.

    This will make the BGs feel more fair. All realms actually have to work for their gear. One gets it a TINY but easier, and all obtainable via PvP.

    There is a HUGE gap from Starter gear to almost full gear.

    Alternately just remove Blackrock from the merge of BGs/arena. If the BG pops is a problem. Make the Mercenary mode for Blackrock as well. Or even straight up cross faction.

    I would love some feedback on this idea.
    Please keep it constructive, rather than all the headless comments that usually appear on the forrum.
    Edited: April 30, 2019

  2. Wait how are you bother by free Relentless gear for BR players, but you are not bother by Icecrown players who use coins to get BIS gear? Also splitting already small community that BR have into 2 realms sound like very bad idea. The whole idea of BR is to skip gear progression and jump right way into PVP action. Making instant 80, but with savage gear and putting this players against 6.8k gs Icecrown players sound like the dumbest idea ever, who will be willing to play there?
    Edited: April 30, 2019

  3. May 1, 2019  
    Those who only want to pvp for everything. Can skip some of it but not All on the merge BR.
    And they can go to arena BR to get full endgame gear. Thats was kinda the idea of the concept.

    I dont want donation for BIS, but Warmane won't remove this from the server. Thats why i put it there.

    The Best idea is to remove the merge with BR, and make BR cross faction bg.

    Give Icecrown/Lordaeron mercanary mode to balance ques on both factions.
    Edited: May 1, 2019

  4. May 28, 2019  
    I'm so **** tired of the alliance in bgs. As a loraderon pvp'er, I'm just going to camp low level allies on my server until warmane fixes the issue. This is absurd. They know something is wrong and won't even address the issue.

  5. May 28, 2019  

  6. May 28, 2019  
    Probably the worst idea iv ever seen on these forums... holy god..

  7. May 28, 2019  
    Let's force the Blackrock players onto trains, where they will be transported to gulags...

  8. By merging, all they helped was alliance on Icecrown. They helped the ONE group that needed absolutely NO help. It's like giving welfare to millionaires. Seriously. I did my last bg tonight. I wish I'd never heard of this server. It's nothing but 15/15 BiS humans with the broken human racial in every god damned bg. I've tried everything. I quit.

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