1. June 6, 2019  

    Please remove the joined BGS and PVP with Blackrock, it killed PVP.

    Unbalanced bgs and pvp, 24/7.
    Joining a WSG vs 10 ppl in full relentless, and the other team have blue boe PVP gear.
    Please revert this PVP integration.

  2. June 9, 2019  
    Absolutely agreed. For lower-geared people (for example from Lordaeron), this makes BGs nearly completely unplayable beyond sitting in respawn zones and waiting till players from Icecrown and Blackrock win the game for them... Is this what WoW PVP experience supposed to be? How did people not think this is a ridiculous idea from the beginning?

  3. Agree ^^
    Almost unplayable if you get queued vs. Blackrock players.
    Let Blackrock queue vs blackrock players only!

  4. 100% agreed. Sure there are very well geared players on every server, but being queued with instant 80's with full Relentless has ruined pvp for both Icecrown and Lordaeron players who are just starting pvp and havnt even gotten their full Furious set.

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