1. Worth playing mainly for PVP?

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if it's worth starting to level on Outland, which prolly wont take too long since x5 rates. I'd mainly play PvP which seems to be controversial on some topics, saying that there isn't enough ppl etc. Another problem I think might exist is the donation shop, isn't everyone already fully geared and only looking for BiS characters to raid/dungeon with ?

  2. It's quite strange. Even during prime time when there were 2.8k players online, EOTS and AV would not pop. Oone or two WSG going on and sometimes an AB.

    There used to be much more PvP going on about 6 months ago from now.
    The Isle of Qual'Danas also seemed pretty low in numbers recently of people doing daily quest.

    Not Worth it in my opinion, it also takes ages to get gear compared to Wrath, it must be very hard to get honor now too compared to the past since AV is not constant anymore.

  3. Outland is your best choice if you want to do PvP in TBC.
    All other TBC private server are PvE focused and are no viable choice if you want to do PvP.

  4. I would say its worth :) im playing outland and i only pvp, nothing else. and i have stuff to do each day :) bgs are up all time. just not all bgs you might want at the time but one or two is up. its quite slow to make pvp gear but if you know how to be effective and grind each marks for faster honor. its not that bad. Even if its slow somedays its still the best option for pvp tbc server you will find. Happy to see you join :) welcome

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