1. Actually paying 10k for tips on spellhance pvp

    Hey guys,
    So a while ago, I saw an enhancement shaman doing duels, but he was running a ton of spell power gear. He was legit dunking on everyone in duels and it looked fun! Now unfortunately a long time went by before I started playing enhance so I've forgotten this guy's name.
    Basically what I'm looking for is help in finding a talent build/gear set or a player to inspect that actually has a bis spell power-enhance set to help me out. Google isn't helping. Willing to pay 10k for the Golden tip!

    Greetings Xooll

  2. Before time there was a bug with trinket from Anub'arak for casters in TOGC 25hc (Reign of the Unliving). The problem was that trinket didn't have 2s cooldown and proced stacks by normal melee attacks when the weapon is imbued with Flametongue. The trinket also scales with spell power and you can equip 2 of them (normal + hc version). Because of that this did ridiculous amount of damage. This was also reason why back then people used to play with Royal Scepter in main hand (a lot of spell power + fast speed) and dagger from Lich King 25hc + 2x flametongue instead of windfury + flametongue. Probably there was also another problem with enhancement which leaded to spell power meta but trinkets from Anub'arak was the main reason. Anyway Warmane fixed the trinket long time ago but dunno why people still consider spell power enhancement as a some meta. I sitll see some of them running around. In no scenario int/sp gear can out dps normal agi/ap enhancement.
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  3. I find it amusing how many builds you can get from enhancement and all of them are not far from each other, wether agi, haste, ap, arp or this spell power one... I have even seen a enhance with 2h (bryntroll hc) dueling some Challenger udk, like 10 duels, 7-3 in shamans favor. Spec is totally awesome if you ask me.

    Regarding your question, I have seen spell power enhance a lot of times in Org in front or inside AH, I don't know the name, forgot, but you can go and see sometimes,maybe you encounter him.. If nobody answers here

  4. Even in PvE there are different kind of gear setups that grant almost equal DPS.
    The common BiS gear focus on haste and yields
    〜13140 DPS according to EnhSim.
    A different build focus on ARP and yields 〜13060 DPS.
    A third option is with double flametongue imbue and some SP items and yields 〜12940 DPS.

    When it comes to duels using SP gear as Enh has the advantage that you can heal significant more.
    With 5 points into imp healing wave and lots of haste gear you can even hardcast sometimes a healing wave when you dont have 5 maelstorm stacks.
    I'm not sure though how fast maelstorm stacks up when you have two fast daggers that are imbued with FT.
    Possible that maelstorm stacks up faster with slow one handers and WF imbue.

  5. There you have an example:


    In pvp, i would just change mh with sp weap (or you can keep changing weaps between GCD), and maybe some offset with haste (in slots where you does not lose so much agility). Bis caster trinket as optional too, thats a great boost SP-wise.

    Against some meles you can even use flametongue enchants to maximize the magical damage (that does not boost your heals).
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  6. Your link isn't working, but I'm very curious!

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