1. it is impossible to play

    Hy all. Now we got 12000 capacity and the same Queue as when we were on 2000 , is it normal guys ?

  2. Doubt it's normal tho. I never believe those numbers.

  3. Doubt it's normal tho. I never believe those numbers.
    It won't matter because when it's full the server runs with 110/120ms of latency, and it already makes a huge impact ingame, especially if you play a melee class

  4. Doubt it's normal tho. I never believe those numbers.
    doesnt matter if you believe it or not, it's normal.

  5. but cmon , its supposed to be a 12000 people realm and now what , is the same thing when we were on the 2000 support as now on 12000 i think the update is just a troll

  6. New on the wotlk server and on Icecrown. The queue is ridiculous. I am currently at queue 509 with 392 minutes left to get in.

    Icecrown has XP x 7 but the other servers have XP x1. Wouldn't it make sense to raise XP to 7 on those and crossrealm all the PVP stuff?

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  8. x7 on lordaeron doesnt make any sense at all the server is made to be a x1 and should stay so. You can try and beg for a new icecrown-like realm but its highly unlikely

  9. I don't understand what's the drama making a donation, you have a few available options other than credit card so it's accesible in all the world. Considering the other private servers, there's no need to lie to yourselves anymore. Warmane is the only bet, everything else is rather questionable. Here you have everything, population, good scripting, xmogs, responsive staff, and the guarantee that it will stay around and not being shut down randomly. If this was a shady server I would understand, but really 10 bucks? If you can afford a computer and an internet bill you can afford this. I know it may sound exagerate for some to pay 10 bucks for a game, but atleast is not a monthly subscription and you are paying for quality and the privilege to skip a queue and enjoy this game.

    I personally have mentioned on some random threads in a subtle way that the player cap should be decreased, at peak hours you can feel the delay due to the hyperpopulation along other small issues. But since you get to skip the queue I totally would do it if I was new here. And the staff hasn't paid me to say this, I'm just being honest and trying to give you a guys a good argument on why you should donate.

    Have a nice day!

  10. I don't understand, you say it's impossible to play. Yet there are thousands of people playing as we speak.

  11. Doubt it's normal tho. I never believe those numbers.
    I belive those numbers. Played on few servers with 3k / 4k players @ peak and there i never had so many pvp fights for titanium veins or other materials ;D
    Population density is huge at some areas.

  12. The numbers aren't faked, but that doesn't mean they're normal considering Icecrown's server cap is higher than what each of Blizzard's servers were initially.

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