1. WIT 2 Tournament teams

    Hey everyone!

    We're happy to announce the teams that qualified from the ladder last season.
    This thread will get updated before the tournament with each teams comp-setup.

    Tournament rules:

    Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/warmane

    June 29-30 16.00 Server time


    Tournament teams
    Spoiler: Show
    Dmg with me
    Blackbetty - Ele
    Brunhity - Holy

    Blackbetty - Ele
    Brunhity - Holy
    Shinta - Arms

    I wings, I wings idc
    Oddwaffle - Disc
    Capsizer - Ret

    Oddwaffle - Disc
    Shyxy - Feral

    Brucepala - Holy
    Lurker - Prot

    Brucepala - Holy

    Nose merchants
    Soumix - Holy
    Machine - Arms

    Soumi - Disc
    Machine- Arms

    Shizgara - Elemental
    Kianu - Holy
    Lorientx - Arms

    Gone In A Wink
    Pacifical - Holy
    Onydda - Arms

    Pacifical - Holy
    Onydda - Arms
    Bulgarianpro - Ele

    Yagger - Elemental
    Baoityval - Holy
    Retinol - Arms

    Old Division
    Zhonga - Arms
    Noph - Holy

    Zhonga - Arms
    Noph - Holy

    Ladder qualified teams
    Spoiler: Show

    Falling Apart - Blackrock
    No faction change plx - Blackrock
    panchoss - Blackrock
    nose - Icecrown
    we can go que - Blackrock
    Gone In A Wink - Icecrown
    OLD DIVISION - Icecrown

    The team Asz has been disqualified due to continuously breaking our realm code of conduct in terms of advertising other private servers. Whilst, we usually have no problem with some discussion, it is a general rule on most servers that this is against the code of conduct.

    The rule has been broken once and a short temporary suspension was placed without any disqualification or further measures. After the rule has been broken again, the regular duration was applied on the main account and as a result the team whose participant broke the rules has been disqualified. The team in the reserve spot will take the place in the tournament.

    Please do note that breaking the code of conduct will result in a disqualification in any events that might be taking place at the time.
    Edited: June 28, 2019

  2. Lordaeron would be happy if you would replace kicked team with r1 Lordaeron team.

  3. Why would they? Its not only about Gear that Lordaeron players arent high rated. There are also BIS Charackters who just suck. Why whould they get invited with 1700 maxrating, just to get destroyed by real pvp players in the Event lol

  4. Are these the official invitations for the Event now @Malaco ? Im still waiting to recieve a Message in my Account Panel like it was written down before, but nothing.

  5. Invitations will soon go out

  6. What gear will be available for the competitors?

  7. While its great to see an arena tournament taking place on Warmane again, do you guys want to tell us what you plan to do about Frostwolf?

  8. While its great to see an arena tournament taking place on Warmane again, do you guys want to tell us what you plan to do about Frostwolf?
    I think it's not the correct place to ask your question, try it at: Ask the Staff section. Anyway the message might arrived to one point, but you won't get the Answer here.

    Good Luck, wish You success.

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