Hello everyone,

as the title says, I am going to be talking about BGs. The thing is, many people playing on Blackrock (including myself) start with rele gear. To get better gear, they have to both play arenas and battlegrounds.

The thing is that battlegrounds are unplayable. Hows that? The answer is simple.

I play HUMAN priest. (Pointing out HUMAN - aliance!) To get WF off parts, I have to gain some honor points. I get them in BGs. Well, I used to, but not anymore. Every single time I join BG, I am horde. How is that even possible? I won like 2 BGs in last two weeks. It makes impossible to gain honor and other WF gear. So my question is, how is it possible that it makes me horde every single time I join BG? There are bunch of players who are same geared as me and it makes impossible, literally IMPOSSIBLE to even play BG, not even win, against full geared people against ICECROWN. Is it just my view or this faction-change-thing-for-BGs works just for BLACKROCK players?

This thing absolutely ruins all the experience and fun of playing this game.

Just you can imagine, last two days I joined about 5 BGs. Won 0. All 5 times was horde, even being HUMAN in general. Last two BGs I just looked the table, saw that horde is absolutely loosing and I alt+f4 the whole game.

The question is, how are people supposed to gain gear? I aint gonna donate anything to get basic stuff.

For GMs and developers, are you guys gonna do something about this? Ive read some threads here on forum and it seems like a huge amount of players hate this mechanic of faction-change-thing-for-BGs, especially if it works only for start geared people on BLACKROCK...