1. Lordaeron & Vote Points

    As it stands, Lord players are able to obtain vote points and have no purpose for them other than gambling *cough* lottery tickets.

    Suggestion: Give us the option to utilize our vote points on things found in the services section of things found under our account. For example: faction change, name change, and race change are the options that icecrown players have.

  2. This is a good idea because currently they are quite useless to accumulate. +1 from me

  3. It's The Best idea, but The problem is they wont do that, a lot of ppl playing on Lordaeron and they collect points, they should make that for US instead with coins..

  4. Character rename costs 25 Points - Lordaeron
    Race change costs 50 Points - Lordaeron
    Faction change costs 100 Points - Lordaeron
    Edited: July 22, 2019 Reason: costs

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