1. Midsummer event bugs

    Hey, this is the last worldevent for me on this char, and i can't do it?

    See printscreen.

    That random guy trying to help me, has the achieves already, but i can't do any except talking to the fires, but not some of them like this?
    Where is that NPC i should be able to talk to for some of the other achieves?

    Please help me :)

  2. So yeah, now i was able to "honor the flame" for the first time in Desolace. But no where else.

  3. https://imgur.com/a/jI7RsaD

    This [King of the Fire Festival] doesn't work now, and it only shows this after i turned in the last fire.
    Edited: June 23, 2019

  4. Midsummer torch juggler achievement bug, or maybe only for me?

    I've been doing the Midsummer fire festival achievements and when I tried to the torch juggler ach the torches just explode no matter where I throw them. I've done the Torch catching quest, even done the daily where you have to catch 10 in a roll twice as of today. But no matter what I do or how I throw them the torches just explode and I can't complete it. Anyone else have this problem? I've tried on multiple alts still doesn't work.

  5. I also do not work, and after viewing the bugtracker, 2 achievements from the event do not work

  6. Same here.. Also some other achieves..

  7. Mid summer event Thiefs Reward

    I got all 4 horde city quest completed yet no1 offer me a thiefs reward quest, there is a question mark above one in stormwind but npc just talk, nothing show up, and i didnt get achievement when i finished 4th quest, what to do?

  8. Similar here. All of my characters cannot complete this quest in MANY zones. I even tried clearing my WoW Cache folder.

  9. They usually hot fix these kind of stuff a couple days into the event so I have hopes they will do for this one as well. It's on bug tracker as well with 100 upvotes

  10. Make sure to report all the issues regarding the event to the bug tracker or upvote them if they are already reported. It's much easier for Q/A and devs if we have them all in one place, instead of being scattered around the forum. Hopefully most of them will get fixed in time.

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