1. Rottenkiwi's Ultimate 19 Twink Guide

    Rottenkiwi's Ultimate 19 Twink Guide


    2019.07.13 More gear updates. Removed http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=19969 from all lists.
    2019.07.01 Some more gear additions. Updated consumables.
    2019.06.26 Added more consumables. Fixed some remaining broken links. Still reviewing gear lists.
    2019.06.25 Because Movement's original thread was vastly outdated, this updated thread was started. I'm still editting the gear lists.


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    Enchants & Enhancements

    Chest: Major Health (+100 Health) || Major Mana (+100 Mana) || Greater Stats (+4 to all Stats)
    Gloves: Superior Agility (+15 Agility) || Shadow Power (+20 Shadow Spell Power) || Fire Power (+20 Fire Spell Power) || Frost Power (+20 Frost Spell Power) || Healing Power (+18 Spell Power) || Minor Haste (+10 Haste Rating)
    Wrists: Superior Stamina (+9 Stamina) || Superior Strength (+9 Strength) || Greater Intellect (+7 Intellect) || Healing Power (+15 Spell Power) || Mana Regeneration (+4 mana every 5 seconds)
    Legs: Medium Armor Kit (+16 Armor)
    Feet: Minor Speed (Movement speed increased) || Greater Stamina (+7 Stamina) || Greater Agility (+7 Agility) || Lesser Accuracy (+5 Hit Rating)
    Cape: Lesser Agility (+3 Agility) || Lesser Defense (+70 Armor) || Greater Nature Resistance (+15 Nature Resistance) || Greater Resistance (+5 to all resistances) || Stealth (Increases Stealth Level)
    Weapon: Agility (+15 Agility) || Mighty Intellect (+22 Intellect) || Fiery Weapon (40 Fire damage on hit) || Icy Chill (Chill target on hit, reducing movement/attack speed) || Crusader (Heal for 75-125 and increase strength by 100 for 15 seconds on hit) || Lifestealing (Steals life from the enemy and gives it to the player) || Spellpower (+30 Spellpower) || Agility (2Hander) (+25 Agility) || Superior Impact (2Hander) (+9 Permanent Weapon Damage)


    Primary Professions

    Arguably the best profession to have on a 19 twink. Herbalism unlocks the Lifeblood ability. At maximum skill rank 3 it provides 720 HP over 5 seconds. This will save you in so many situations, and can often be the difference between winning and losing.

    You should probably not go Engineering exclusively for Green Tinted Goggles because the BiS is Lucky Fishing Hat. However, Engineering does give you access to Heavy Dynamite, Explosive Sheep and Minor Recombobulator.

    Mining unlocks the Toughness ability. At maximum rank 3, it increases your stamina by 7, or health by 70.

    Skinning unlocks the Master of Anatomy ability. At maximum rank 3, it grants 9 critical strike rating.

    Secondary Professions

    First Aid
    You are able to train Expert First Aid at level 10, this allows you to cap your first aid skill at 225. While you cannot craft them, Heavy Runecloth Bandage is the best bandage you can use, so be sure to have an alt or a friend supply the bandages for you.

    One of the less important professions, however you will benefit from buffs you gain from food. It is important to note that Rumsey Rum Black Label's buff does not stack with food buffs, so cooking will only matter whenever you have run out of rum :)

    Needed to get the universal head BiS Lucky Fishing Hat by competing in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza.


    Rumsey Rum Black Label
    Probably the most universal 19 bracket buff. It is considered a food buff, so you cannot have a food buff and this buff at the same time.

    Yes, it can be fished but theres an easier way to stock up with an alt:
    In the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, talk to the dragon inside the cave. He'll give you a free ride down to where everyone is.

    Go to the western-most instance. Once you're in there you can run down to Southshore in the instance and buy your rumsey rum from innkeeper inside.

    The rumsey rum is 2s per (20 silver per stack of 10).

    Swiftness Potion
    Used by flag carriers to escape or speed up their capture. Also super important for melee classes such as Warriors for closing the gap and getting to melee range.

    Bloodthistle (Only Bloodelves)
    Small SP boost.

    Healing Potion
    The best healing potion available for this bracket.

    Rage Potion
    Self Explanatory

    Thistle Tea
    A must for rogues

    Scrolls: Stamina II, Protection II, Agility II, etc.
    These buffs are not considered food buffs, so you can have the Rum and the Stamina scroll on at the same time.

    Heavy Dynamite and Explosive Sheep
    Engineer toys that go boom boom.

    Minor Wizard Oil
    Make this with an enchanter alt and send it to your caster twinks.


    Parts of this guide are based on Movement's original thread
    Links to wow objects are done using Cavern of Time

    Edited: July 13, 2019

  2. A lot of changes has to be made, not a single heirloom for leather+ fishing boots still there for leather+, for mail you didn't even list hpal gear, neither is there a difference between healers & casters in the cloth section. Barely it's a copy past of a poor guide made for TBC new beginners.

    Also guilds, there are a few that don't even exist anymore. Famed you barely see one of them logging in (they are dead) same goes for Twinks R Us & Twinks. Rather should add "Stormy RaiderS" which is a czech guild. There is also "Pass Me The Salt" from Lordaeron and "Twinked II" that's basically another "Twinked" but horde side

  3. Like I said at the top of the post, I'm still working on the gear part. I got all the links hoverable and fixed, I got professions updated, and I got the new consumables section as well. So no, it is not a copy paste of a poor guide, it's a work in progress. I'm still not done, so calm your tits.

    Thanks for the guilds suggestions though :)
    Edited: June 26, 2019

  4. Like I said at the top of the post, I'm still working on the gear part. I got all the links hoverable and fixed, I got professions updated, and I got the new consumables section as well. So no, it is not a copy paste of a poor guide, it's a work in progress. I'm still not done, so calm your tits.

    Thanks for the guilds suggestions though :)
    A point to add, Magic dust shouldn't be used within the bracket and should be removed from the "usefull consumables to uses" since it's a bug abuse. As of patch 3.3.2 it shouldn't work and should fizzle 100 in PvP


    Since it's reported, and known from a lot of people, people abusing of them can be banned for bug exploit and getting advantage of people in low brackets. Being able to sleep a person for 10 secs in a 10-19 bracket can be gamebreaking

  5. July 1, 2019  
    That's actually a good point. Removed from the guide.

  6. July 3, 2019  
    There are some things that have to be corrected, in example http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=19969 has a level requirement of 35 since the patch 3.1, so maybe you could just add (Burning Crusade only) since there's a burning crusade realm. Which also means that you could add the enchants for the mentioned realm such as the arcanums. This way I believe the guide would be the most complete you can find out there.

    In any case good job.

  7. Removed the boots altogether, as having both a WoTLK and TBC guide in one might be already too big in scope. Thanks for the tip!

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