1. Names of the Lich King Clients

    I noticed on the website that when downloading Lich King Client, the first one in the list is the hacked version with data merged from a subsequent WoW version (6.0 if I'm right).

    The hacked client is the first in the list and is named new. Then at the bottom of the list the real original client is named Old. I think its confusing for players joining Warmane Lich King for the first time, as they often get the hacked client first instead of the original thinking it is more up to date instead of learning that its a just a custom hacked version that someone put together.

    My suggestion would be to put Lich King Original first, then right below it Lich King (Hacked with new models).

    I've had issue with the hair of my character becoming snow white for no reason (and 2 of my friends also got this bug on their dwarf) and also with some addons relying on 3D Models (eg. X-Perl) it was buggy.

    I think that the hack of the new character models data should be optional for those who want to try it, and that the default client should be original lich king, as the first time I downloaded it I had a bad surprise when I saw that this wasnt the real deal by default.

    Thanks for taking time to read. :)

  2. Calling it hacked would turn 99.9% of players away. Just call it (WoD models) and (Original) or nothing.

  3. Yeah well that's mainly what I would like, I mean that 99% of people run the real client and that some more adventurous people who want to try the weird models can. But right now its confusing, its kinda like they encourage us to use the hacked version.

    But yeah putting it in 2nd on the list and writing 'User created version' would be more user friendly than saying outright hacked, even if its technically the case.

    The point is that I think people should experience the expansion like it was by default and its what I wanted when I joined. Its like there was a classic wow server and the default models would be the ugly thing they created for 6.0 packed inside it without warning.

    Personnaly I was disapointed that I needed to redownload the whole data files when I noticed that the first link on the site was a modified one.

    My suggestion is mainly to put it in the right order 1st - Lich King Original 2- Lich King Modified.

  4. A client that reliably crashes in Dalaran should never have been the default option.

  5. A client that reliably crashes in Dalaran should never have been the default option.
    There is a fix for that on the forum somewhere.

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