1. Insane Challenge , Bane Solo Tank Solo Heal with 5K GS

    Icecrown - Lich King 10 man Heroic with 5k gs on the tank and healer. 09:00 Inspect.
    You can find the full list of items that we used here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...unM/edit#gid=0
    Reginal was playing on Thaloran , Treetard on Freetard and Healmeer on Ramkahem.

  2. I realize this is raining on your parade, but wasn't LK's damage on 10hc significantly gutted in some update about a month or so ago?

    I recall it happening around the time they altered tuning on Lordaeron to make fights more manageable, but then they accidentally also went and nerfed LK 10hc to nearly 10n levels of damage.

  3. Nerfed or not , some people with 6k gs or even bis gear still can't kill it.

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