My account was created in 2010. and I played MOLTEN for maaaaaany many many years with my friends, we played for a period of time and then stopped, played again and stopped.. it was always like that.. but we ALL had premium account to skip queue, ofc.. and after the transition from MOLTEN to WARMANE, i remember clearly that the server had a problem ( server that I say is the whole thing, website, accounts got lost, etc.. ) and I remember that clearly.. even tho it was many years ago, I went through a process to recover my account as many other had to do, including my friends and everything.. Ok, after many attempts to recover the account, i finally got it back.. but wait. I'M NOT PREMIUM ANYMORE............ I tried to contact the staff as soon as possible and NEVER got anything back from them.. I wonder why huh.. then i said **** it, not playing anymore.. and maybe 1 year ago my friends started playing again since WOTLK is our fav expansion.. and here I was.. playing again without my premium. Tried to contact staff ONCE AGAIN, and this time i got an answer.. via email, someone tried to help me and all that but didn't fix my issue... Well. All I want is to ask you guys IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE.. just check somewhere if you guys can find a log of donations or something like that to prove that i donated 11 coins back in the days and my account was PREMIUM.. I'm from Brazil, 10 EUROS isn't that cheap over here.. I can't afford to donate again, i have animals to take care, and that isn't cheap either.. all i wanna do is play wow with my friends once again without having to wait hours in queue.. I'm not asking to GIVE ME PREMIUM, just to check the logs and see if you guys can find that this account has donated before.. That's all.. It's kinda sad to see that I never got any help in that regards but it is what it is.. I'm here once again with friends that wanna get back to the game and have some MAD FUN in arenas and bg's but guess who lost his Premium status and gotta wait hours in the queue? yes me. Please, any help..