1. Invisible character


    I've got recently some troubles with Wrath of the Lich King (arena). One of the two enemy becomes invisible (like literally) and it's impossible to have his position unless I click on gladius to get his "red circle" but he will stay invisible all game long. This happen only in arena (skirmish as rated). Understand that it's quite annoying when you try to play :s

    I really don't know what it could be (especially that it happens only sometimes). It's not every game.

    Thank you in advance for those who gonna try to help me ;)

  2. that problem is caused by WoD models.

    You can delete them by following this guide:
    1. Open WoW folder
    2. Open the Data folder.
    3. Delete the patch-w.mpq file.
    4. Delete the patch-x.mpq file
    5. Open the enUS folder.
    6. Delete the patch-enUS-w.mpq file.
    7. Delete the patch-enUS-x.mpq file

  3. Thank you very much Skullatbash !

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