1. [ANSWERED] robbed acc, how to report?

    Hello. I wasnt on-line for some time, I logged today and noticed my gold on both characters and some items were gone. I also checked the website acc. Someone enabled 2fa google verification on my acc and sended 15 coins from my acc to himself. I have this notification: 15 coins to Myrzika of Outland. So this is the thief's name. Can it somehow be fixed? I also have the robber's IP addresses. There are two. and

    I'm a careful person, I have never gave my pw to anyone. I dont care that much about lost gold / itsms. Can live with that but can I somehow retrieve lost coins please? I know 16 coins is not many but in my country I work for this 7 hours.
    Edited: July 11, 2019 Reason: additional info (IP)

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