1. Mercenary Mode and Carbonite

    Hello friends,

    I have a priest on the Alliance side on Icecrown and I've been having some issues with the new Mercenary Mode.

    Every time I join a battleground and am assigned the Horde side, I get wow error and, on top of that, I didn't have the human racial anymore (but the Will of the Forsaken instead). The error reads:

    Current Addon: Carbonite
    Current Addon function: GetSkillLineInfo
    Current Addon object: (null)

    After a few unsuccessful tickets, I turned Carbonite off and the problem disappeared. No wow errors anymore and the Every Man for Himself racial is available.

    Anyone know how/if this issue can be fixed? I read around about editing the .lua file and replacing the value of GetSkillLineInfo variable but nothing seemed to work. Carbonite's map is very useful to me, especially in battlegrounds. I would very much like to keep using it.

    Any thoughts/opinions?


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