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    Retrieving long time not used account

    Hello my Warmane friends,
    I've been having a long time pause from WoW but I'd love to get back at it.

    In might have been around 2 years now. I managed to retrieve the one I'm using for this post, the second one I couldn't.
    Is there any way to get my account back?

    The account has 4 characters. Please see some of my screenshots I managed to dig out:
    1) Dk- specialization frost: name Deratizator
    2) paladin - ret specialization: name Euronymos later renamed to Yoxoqt
    3) druid - feral specialization: Pouncewithme
    4)no name druid horde


    I've been playing on warmane here and there for several years now, even prior the one unfamous "char wipe" and I'd love to get hands on these characters if possible. Hope I can ride to battle on my paladin I spent hours playing on your server.

    Best regards,
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    1. Remove account name from your post. It is not safe.

    2. Send an email to [email protected] for support

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