1. Re-introduce "ready check crystals"

    Hey. I tried posting this in the Icecrown forum but not a single reply, either from any other members or Warmane staff.

    Now when Icecrown/Lordaeron/Blackrock all share 2v2 arenas I'm wondering if it's possible to add the "Ready Check-Crystal"s back to arenas where if all participating players clicked it the game would start within 15 seconds. Blackrock used to have that feature and I found it very handy for long arena sessions. Making it all more enjoyable.

    I think there are a bunch of people that would appreciate it being brought back, if technically possible ofc.

    My best regards,


  2. It is technically possible and every1 who play arenas want this feature but they probably wont make that...
    If something is blizzlike on this server it is definitely situation where staff don't listen to what community wants.

  3. Why do the same mistakes as blizz did, i know other Blizzlike servers, which introduced it after AT did it for the first time and all the response had been positive.
    Blizzlike doesnt mean to repeat their faults it means to take the game from the class, raid, PvP mechanics and slightly improve it.
    Just like the former red crystal.
    Everyone whos not OK with it just doesnt have to click it and it will all be the same as before.

  4. They could have add it atleast for soloQ, since it's only on Blackrock and doesn't affect other realms so "blizzlike" argument is invalid.

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