1. [WotLK] 3.3.5a I Mage additional skill bar?


    So I started playing mage some time ago. I got 60 lvl atm and I have problem with skill bar slots. There are only 12 of them, and I need at least 3-4 more to effectively play as a mage. Of course I can switch between bars with Shift+1/2 but it's really not ergonomic. Is there any addon for more skill slots, so I can bind them to various keys and cast them without switching bars?

  2. Hey,
    c'mon man, give it a try to look it up before going to forum, it's a basic wow interface customing.

    Just go: "escape --> interface --> and there is specific bookmark for Action bars .. there you just check all bars and wuala, you have 3 more roars of action bars.

    there you go, happy deep freezing

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