1. New player, I want to make a DK... but don't want to level to 55

    Hello, wow vet here... to put it simply, I do not ant to level a char to 55 on this server then make a DK... I rather make a DK... is there something I can do? Or shall I uninstall?

  2. You can
    a) play on Blackrock that's instant 80
    b) donate once to become premium, one of the perks is to be able to make a dk straight away. Can also skip the queue to get in.
    c) don't

    b only applies to Icecrown. You'd need to buy a dk on Lordareon via trade

  3. How much do I need to donate? Is 10 coins good enough?

  4. How much do I need to donate? Is 10 coins good enough?
    Yeah the minimum is enough.

  5. I have so many questions, Why does a WoW veteran have to be American? or does he think the word "veteran" means old American soldier only? That hes an old war hero that plays WoW?, Someone needs to go back to school.
    @Londonasgt has been registered on Molten since 2009 and didn't post anything until 2 days ago where he went on a rage spree and wrote 7 posts where hes calling names, trash talking people from other nationalities.

    Why dosen't the admins remove these racist garbage posts from the forums?
    I haven't looked at the post history but if that's the case it's probably a hacked account, someone trying to get the guy in trouble.

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