1. Ret paladin item progression


    I'm a noob wow player so I'm not sure what to do for itemization. My trinkets are garbage and i really need to replace them. I'm thinking of buying mirror of truth. Here is my armory


    I heard that t9 4pc bonus is not worth getting on paladin. Is this true? Not sure where to go from here. Right now I'm saving gold to afford gems. In what order should I upgrade my gear?


  2. Assuming you don't have points to buy trinket(s).

    I'd rather go for the not-so-good EoT trinket. It will bump your hit rate a lot, but it will leave you room for upgrades without hit.
    After that, Mirror of Truth and/or ToC 10's melee trinket.

    I wouldn't go for the 4p T9.

  3. Go to the AH and get yourself a strength Darkmoon Card: Greatness. Using ghetto gems until you get items that you're going to hold onto for a long time is fine.
    That and the EoT trinket are really great in the long run.

    @T9, it really depends on what other gear options you have. If you won't be getting the T10 bonus any time soon, then the T9 bonus is free damage. And free damage is free damage.

  4. like UP , If have money buy DC:Gretanes its very good ; if not go farm baner from toc and swap "Mark of supremency" if you hit caped .
    Needle-Encrusted Scorpion is good , i can say even beter for Mirror of Truth good scaling for DS and CS (for me its about 0.5k dps after 2xT10 even more aroud 1K dps );

    4 t9 ts not bad ; not set parts are beter from toc10/25 ;

    you can swap wrist to pvp , beter basic stats ;

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