1. Enhancement garbage??!

    Hi guys,

    so I tried to play enhancement and itís kinda frustrating - outside of wolfs Iím feeling kinda useless. Moreover I canít deal significant dmg to anything. I literally can only kill DPs when i have big rng with windfury/purges. But most of the time I hit the fcking target and never get any wf procs even with good uptime.
    In an 1v1 Environment im feeling kinda okayish - however only when Iím starting to kite melees and outplaying casters (still when a lock is able to cast one chaosbolt Iím just dead).
    When I tried to play 2v2 (with a dp) - even in lots of pve with a lot of ARP/haste - I cant fcking kill a holypally. When I get some lucky chainprocs with wf, then I deal abit of pressure but enh seems to lack consistent dmg.
    In soloQ enhancement is kinda okayish too - since I can freedom the matchedup melee Iím running with and can keep casters greatly locked down.
    But still I have matches where I have a lot of uptime but get like 30seconds no wf.

    Can someone tell me the secrets of this garbage spec??

  2. Enh is not viable in 284 meta.

  3. 4 Weeks Ago  
    In 2v2 you cannot play with a healer, if that is what you are asking?
    You have to play with another dps.
    Enhancement shaman isnt a true dps class, it is hybrid and a support. You should dispel your target and let wolves and totems help you and your teamate to break through the defense to kill.
    Play with a BM hunter or a warrior.

    For soloQ you can always try your best to go for the target that the other person is going on, more than the target you yourself would want to go on.
    And always having your purge as your highest priority and earthbind totem.
    You should support your other dps in soloQ and hide away from damage if people are attacking only you. By being close to a pillar, enemy side or your own side doesnt matter.

    For real 3v3 there are only a few comps that work but none of them are the best ever.
    Enhancement/BM/HPal or Enhancement/Warrior/RestoDruid.

  4. 4 Weeks Ago  
    In 2v2 you cannot play with a healer, if that is what you are asking?
    You have to play with another dps.
    The highest rated 2s Enh shamis were playing together with holy palys.
    Thing is that Enh is just not viable in a meta with highend PvE gear.

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