1. Hidding Names script/addons

    Hello guys! sorry for my english :(

    I'm here to request your help :D

    I've been looking around to find an addon/script which can hide my name/target name/target of target name and i did!!
    I'm now able to hide all the above with a script but there's still some remaining.

    /script PlayerName:Hide();
    /run TargetFrameToTTextureFrameName:Hide()
    /run TargetFrameTextureFrameName:Hide()

    I'm searching for something that could hide the names of my party/raid1-2 (and their pets) on DEFAULT blizzard frame and hides names of my ennemies on the default arena unit frames aswell.
    Focusframe would be a great plus aswell :D

    Unfortunatly i'm not able to achieve it...
    I found some cool stuff but for some reason it's not working and i'm really bad with programming....
    I've mixed it up a little to try some stuff but none worked. I think it might be because those scripts are from after 3.3.5, so maybe coding names have changed, i don't know..

    I found those scripts to hide party 1-2 only, but even this doesnt work :(

    Script 1:
    local function hideNames()
    local i=1
    local name
    name = _G["CompactRaidFrame"..i.."Name"]
    if name then
    until not name
    -- run above when AddUnitFrame called
    hooksecurefunc("CompactRaidFrameContainer_AddUnitF rame", hideNames)
    -- run it manually to hide names of any already created

    Script 2:

    hooksecurefunc("CompactUnitFrame_UpdateName",funct ion(frame)
    if frame and not frame:IsForbidden() then
    local frame_name = frame:GetName()
    if frame_name and frame_name:match("^CompactRaidFrame%d") and frame.unit and frame.name then
    local unit_name = GetUnitName(frame.unit,true)
    if unit_name then

    Do you think it is theorically possible to turn all those requests into an addon? Or do i have to press the macro every time i log in?
    I hope it is understandable!
    Thanks for your time :D
    Edited: August 27, 2019

  2. add this string to any addon
    hooksecurefunc("CreateFrame", function(_,n,_,t) if t == "RaidPulloutButtonTemplate" then _G[n.."Name"]:SetSize(1,1) end end)

  3. add this string to any addon
    hooksecurefunc("CreateFrame", function(_,n,_,t) if t == "RaidPulloutButtonTemplate" then _G[n.."Name"]:SetSize(1,1) end end)
    Hello mate! thanks for your adivse, i tried adding it in an addon and even creating a new addon for it but it doesnt seem to work :(
    Is this line of code supposed to hide names in raid? if it sets the size of text to 1 isnt it the default size anyway?
    I'm a bit lost sorry

  4. Ohhh nooo we didnt understand each other :(

    I'm talking about the default party/group frames that are created when you enter a group or inv someone in your group.

    ^^in this image you can see my party1 with name on it, and i want to remove this name

    Even if it looks different, this is the default frame, there's just the black things around it that are hidden.
    Edited: August 28, 2019

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