1. More macros

    Is there a way to make more character specific macros than those 18 limited by wow?

  2. You can get some addons that let you make more macroes per character, just need to look online for one that is working for wotlk 3.3.5, so yes, there is a way.

  3. MacroBank
    36+18 macro per character and you can swap between groups: on my pal i have the 36global macros used and the 18 for character swap when i swap my talents, so its like 18 more

  4. Macro bank is useless for me since once you replace macro its deleted from action bar/bind.
    Super Duper Macro is useless since it depends on standard 18 slots which is not enough
    Macroon and BindPad are ok regarding macro slots but those macros are not usable on action bar(not visible once you close addon interface) so what use is it to have macro and bind when you forget it even exist once you need it.

    What i'm looking for is addon which allows me to make at least 40 macros per character and they should all be able to go on action bar and be binded or have their own dragable icons with bind on UI.

    Also i made a mistake when making this topic by putting it on wrong server, it was suppose to go on Icecrown>addons so if Moderators can move it that would be great.

  5. it does delete only if you delete them, i use action bar saver so i have like 10 different action bar saved for pve/pvp spec 1/spec 2 spec 3 etc etc etc, and macro bank allows me to have 72 macro per char(36 global +18 spec 1 + 18 spec 2) which is enough for me

  6. @mwmwmwm When you want to replace existing macro in general tab from another character how do you do it without having to delete it?
    Also, would you be willing to give me a short guide in game on how to use macro bank addon?

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