1. Soloq

    merge Soloq with IceCrown server

  2. No.

    It will decrease 3v3 activity on icecrown.

  3. It would be nice to have merged soloq but when we think, it will disable 5v5 (even if its totally dead and abused by wintraders only.) which will cut a whole ladder. I dont think its possible. Unless the devs decide to put a bit effort to create an unique system without touching 5s.

  4. Nobody cares about 5s, ladder is and will always be max dead.

  5. Merge 3v3 with sq, problem solved.
    I agree. It would be a enormous boost for the 3s activity.

    To make it fair for soloq players they could tweak the rating system so players lose only 1/3 of the actual rating points when they lose a match against a 3 man team. A 3 man team on the other hand could gain only 1/3 of the rating points when they win against soloq team.
    Edited: September 11, 2019

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