1. Skinning at low lvl

    Hello, i just got the skinning and letherworking profession at lvl 16 because i net to go in orgimar. Aftet that i found that in the area where im questing ( The Barrens) i cant skin any mobs because i need skinning lvl 10. Then i went to the road from the starting point to Orgimar. After killing 20 boars i got skinning lvl 3 , i killed more boars but dont get a skinnable mob in 2-3 hours. Now i have killed thousand of boars but all not skinnable. What should i do?

  2. Any error shows to you? You need to have skin level at least 40+ for those zones. Depends on the level of mob.

  3. no, just killing tons of lvl 9 boars and got nothing..

  4. Sometimes I notice that (when crafting items with leatherworking) I see I gained a skill point in the chat log, but the crafting window doesn't display the point. AFter closing and reopening the window, then it shows.

    If this isn't the case, are you actually able to skin the boars? If your level isn't high enough, you wont be able to. Also, if the skinning is orange color, you might "fail" to skin the mob, and will have to try again.

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