1. Char Value

    Hello, selling my chars Orangetotem/Redtotem/Greentotem/Bluetotem/Holytotem

    I assume the minimum you can sell the char without inventory is accurate with its value.

    If you sell with inventory, I'm assuming its wise to delete some gear that's useless (such as s2/s3 gear when you already have s4 gear) to reduce the minimium value so its sell-able?
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  2. Naked characters are 30 coins. But for that price you need to have:
    * Some achievements;
    * Around 10k+ gold for anyone to just even smell your character
    * Mounts+cold flying
    * Max professions
    * At least heroic weapons or something to get them more interesting.

    Otherwise nobody will every buy it.

    Is it worth it? for 30 coins it's a lot of work...

  3. This post was made for OUTLANDS. There is no cold weather flying, there are no achievements, you do not need professions or gold to sell. I have sold naked and poorly geared characters for 30 coins. Holy, yes it is wise to consider removing unused gear to lower the price of the characters if you are including full inventory upon sale. You can also sell the characters with no inventory which should lower the price.

  4. Thanks for the reply! Going to try to sell now at Min Price then add epic flying + 2nd professions to them if they don't cause I can make around 3200g a day with boxing dailies :P

  5. Oh yeah I thought this was for lich king, my bad.

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