1. Can we talk about hellfires/sib/sibella/etc, etc, etc?

    I mean... CAN we talk about it?
    Are we allowed to discuss about the thin line between "fair gameplay" and "disruptive gameplay and abusing game mechanics"?
    I wonder if people are aware about this very specific matter in Hellfire Peninsula...
    Perhaps a clarification on what would it be called "unconventional mboxing" and "abusing"?

  2. I think he is speaking about ganking in Hellfire/Tanaris etc

  3. I think he is speaking about ganking in Hellfire/Tanaris etc
    Is this about Hellfire gankers, multiboxers or both?

  4. Its a pvp realm nothing Abusive about it.

  5. Is this about Hellfire gankers, multiboxers or both?

    First of all I think I was wrong on pointing out to this player, since I'm not quite sure on what he/she/it is doing.
    So let me give you guys a bit of context and clarification on what I'm pointing out.

    Most people avoids Hellfire at all cost because 1- gankers on lowbies unable to fly away, and 2- the xp you get (which is at least one and a half level) is not worth the substantial time spent on this zone.
    Now, I'm not leveling, that was long time ago on my main char, and as most people I only spend 3 minutes trying to avoid Hellfire on phresh 60's...
    So, since I'm stuck at the 5.3k branch cuz don't have the time to get out of there, and I'm autistic as **** to do PuGs, most times I like to waste my time on nagrand doing reps and mounts while waiting for guild runs. I also like to help people leveling and when I'm in the mood, give them all the gold they need, which leads to: yes, assisting on gankers.
    But then I realized something weird was happening on this hellish place, no pun intended. The three capture points were ally every single time, and most calls for help were on 60s doing the "capture points" mission, and there was always the same twink involved. So far, everything was ok, nothing you've never seen before...

    Then everything started to get... interesting... there was it, a horde char reading the every word I was writing to the lowbies to help them capture on the global channel, and on that very moment we were trying to capture, there he/she/it was... the same balance druid cheesing from above (which is ok... I mean, I've been called cheater because I know how to get out of WG without getting my *** whooped) this time, not the twink, but the lvl 80 druid with a quite similar name...
    So I decided to go alone a few times and what I found were low level characters (night elves or druids below 60) hidden near the capture points and barely inside the capture radius. The horde character? a lvl 20 lock on Hellfire... quite common, isn't it?

    Now what I'm still trying to understand is... why?
    Why would you get there almost 24/7 just to hold the goddamn points?
    Getting the marks on honor kills to farm items (mostly gems)? perhaps
    But isn't it disruptive gameplay/grieffing holding the points and restricting both alliance and horde players the chance to complete that mission?

  6. I'm also seeing these low characters in wintergrasp. A level 40 lock was randomly sitting under a bridge. I thought it was some power leveling trick at first, but the next day, it was still there, and still 40. I'd like to know what purpose this serves, so I can decide whether it needs to be disrupted or not.

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