1. Situation of enha sham

    Hi guys, i come on this server this week and i find the enhancement shaman pretty fun to play, what is the situation of this class there?
    I know there are a lot of bug in private server

  2. Enhance is the most fun, glad you found it. Overall it is working nicely, that being said my wolves still get occasionally parried/miss/dodged even being fully expertise and hit capped. But, overall it is better DPS than elemental shaman.

  3. And compared to other class? U know any enhancement who is good?

  4. Enhance is fun as fck, but don't expect it to be a good pvp class. You won't top charts in pve, and you have to be very skilled to stand a chance in pvp.

  5. I came LF this information =l Should i just give up enha if i mean to top charts and own in pvp?

  6. I have had a blast playing an enhancement sham. Honestly my favorite class to play. im around 5850 gs at the moment and it takes a while to get the rotation figured out.. They are definitely one of the more challenging classes to play. You also need to pay special attention to hit and expertise cap since you also have to be spell hit capped.
    Once you have to rotation down correctly (which can take a lot of reading, practicing, watching videos, and more practice) you can put out some respectable dps in PvE. I have topped the charts on certain raid bosses against other players in similar gs. You will likely not beat rogues or warriors with a similar gs, but no one really will. I have a nice little add-on called "Shock and Awe" that I would highly recommend.

  7. Don't listen to them, you'll do just fine in pvp as long as you don't aim to be at the top of the arena ladder (which I assume you don't). It's a perfectly fine class for 2v2 arenas (with bm hunter for example) and it's great for 1v1 fights, you can beat pretty much everyone with it, it just takes practice.
    I can't say much about pve since I've never played enh sham pve on lvl 80, but as a 79 twink I was doing great in TBC raids, so even though you probably won't be #1 on dps charts, I think he still might be viable.
    Edited: October 23, 2019

  8. I am trying to gear enha atm, and it is such a pain... We have elemental bug, so u basically have 1.5-2k less recount numbers to all raid members except u, even when your dmg is completely fine and competitable. And according to that u will suffer... u will be kicked from pug runs even if u have achives, and your gear higher than they require in global, everybody will tell u that enha can't deal damage, but same ppl will advice u "proper" gear, that is not even bis. 90% answers for invite will be "do u have resto spec? ". And so on.
    It is not impossible to play, same as dps pretty competitive with other classes. But it will not be the ez way to gear your enh. Eziest way - to gear resto and roll off spec, but it is up to u.

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