1. Profesions doesnt progress. Skininig, herbalism. Bug??

    I have 2 proffesions. Skining, Herbalism. At start all normal, gather herbs skinned mobs I gain profesion lvl, then I went in Dungeon finder and leaved, cause that dungeon was too low, no xp. And my character bugged out. I skinned like 20 orange mobs, highest what I can skin. None lvl. Same with herbalism. Yesterday in one point had same issue. Is there some bug, I talk with others no one had it. Please help. Its hard lvl proffesion and character when u have to go for low mobs and low areas again again.

  2. FIx itself. After 2hour I logged back and. Profesion progress was going on, but didn't showed on the screen.. so its kinda bug I guess, but now its fine.

    U can close this topic.

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