1. Add Dampening back and change Blackrock quests honor rewards

    So , I'm gonna start with this : there's no Dampening in 2s anymore , and every game on high mmr where teams are healer/dps vs healer/dps ends in a draw if both teams are really good(equal in skill) , not even gonna talk about the disc/hybrid pal composition(which is beyond broken cause they can never die, you only need 10 working braincells to play it and you can draw people ez pz) . That one was quick.
    Now let's talk about the honor rewards on Blackrock , this one is gonna be huge.
    Here we go, you log a Fun PvP realm you make your rele starter character and everything is fine but then ... when you actually start gearing up you realize everything is so expensive in honor (one finger costs 62k honor => 2 fingers ; same story goes with trinkets - one is 62k , if you don't play human , you're lucky ; then you have to get your waist/feet/wrist that cost 25k each , and then you have to get your neck that is 39k honor and back which is 31k)
    Ok , everything is fine , we are PvP realm , i get it , we get BiS PvE items from playing PvP, but c'mon this is too much , after the daily BG that you do you are getting 1860 honor for a won bg or 680 for a lost one
    So , how much honor is that for a full offset? Not that much. Just about 393k if you want the bis PvE items , atleast 350k if you want the PvP ones. How much does that mean in BGs? About 233 BGs won(you won't win all of them anyway LOL) for just Off-Set :)
    And that's just a beginning of trying to make PvP a great and enjoyable content once again.
    Make atleast the blackrock quests higher , the honor rewards higher than the ones they are
    At the moment you get :
    2k honor for 10 games won in 2v2
    10k honor 10 games won in 3v3
    2k honor for 10 games won in SQ
    1k honor for winning 10 games in SQ
    At the moment we are lacking so many 3s and SQ ques that the ladder is almost dying .
    The obvious point of making quests higher is so people spam que 10 wins in every bracket for the max amount of honor they can get(hopefully so you can buy 1offset piece by doing quests on daily basis), and they are gonna do it on alt chars aswell so ques in every bracket are gonna blow off IMO. Now you do you.
    I m currently having 4 characters in the top 50 ladder in SQ and that s only me trying to keep it alive whispering people to get ques going on high mmr. Time to make a change maybe?
    Edited: September 11, 2019

  2. Completely agree on everything here. Bring back dampening so I don't have to play 47 min games and want to slit my throat after a game like that and make rewards greater, we have 1 flush per week on blackrock and you expect me to play there if I wanted to multiclass and gear 10 diff chars and get them all to BiS I'd have to play everyday almost all day for more than a year to probably do that. Do something, your realm is dying and I'm pretty sure you know that. Do something ffs.

  3. Why do you even play PvP then if you hate it to the guts? Quit wow or play PvE
    Stop being an entitled brat expecting the world to change around your needs

  4. Haha, I've been here since Abyssal-Wow , always loved playing PvP , I'm a Multi-Rank1 players and a Tourney player aswell , we don't hate it cause PvP is bad .
    We hate it cause Warmane PvP is bad . AT was perfect.

  5. there's no point in adding Dampening on this meta. If you can't kill someone in 40 mins on 284 meta ur doing something very wrong.

  6. Is that a 1.5k icecrowner player talking right now that has no ****ing clue at all how games on 2k above even look like ? Just get the **** out of the post , ty.

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