1. 4 Weeks Ago  

    BG/WSG Talent Specs

    Edited: 4 Weeks Ago

  2. 4 Weeks Ago  
    bump for
    3 dk / 1 arc builds added to top of the main desc.

  3. 4 Weeks Ago  
    bump for added bg druid specs to main desc.

    In my opinion these types of builds are more effective and probable to utilize in more aspects -
    in non-premades; WSG Pugs / RBGQues
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  4. 4 Weeks Ago  
    bump one more time for shaman spec at top of main desc.

    last build as countercounter-meta until i figure out

    Endcap Defensive Style (Wotlk to Cata skill decline accentuated failure)
    Endmeta - Defensive Cleaves =/= Spellcleaves >=< RLS/RMP/RLD/Etc
    Endgame - Eurocleave 5's,
    Endtank =/= ARP
    Haste =/= Fill Moves = More frequency of Hot Swapping

  5. 4 Weeks Ago  
    bump for 2 new priests builds

    great primer/gank builds.
    with leaderboard healing.
    Edited: 4 Weeks Ago

  6. 3 Weeks Ago  
    You may adjust your post to be more clear.


    Rogue Battleground
    Spoiler: Show

    Priority = X and Y
    Resi = 1250+

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