1. Character Restoration

    Hello, so I deleted my druid and I want to restore, 2 days still haven't passed... It clearly says :" - Characters are eligible for no-cost restore within a 2 day grace period after deletion" , but for me it says that I can't buy restoration because:" You do not have enough points to purchase character restoration." At first I can't get any points because I can't collect points. Please restore my druid Makinas. Thanks in advance!

  2. have you already restored 1 character recently? Free Restoration has 7 days CD
    Edited: September 15, 2019

  3. Yes I had, okey... I'll wait then

  4. ehm... even if you wait you will not able to restore that char for free because more than 48 hours has passed from deletion

  5. Yeah, noticed that too. But everything went good at last... Restored for free my druid back... Thanks! :)

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