1. BG/WSG Talent Specs

    Edited: September 15, 2019

  2. bump for
    3 dk / 1 arc builds added to top of the main desc.

  3. bump for added bg druid specs to main desc.

    In my opinion these types of builds are more effective and probable to utilize in more aspects -
    in non-premades; WSG Pugs / RBGQues
    Edited: September 13, 2019

  4. bump one more time for shaman spec at top of main desc.

    last build as countercounter-meta until i figure out

    Endcap Defensive Style (Wotlk to Cata skill decline accentuated failure)
    Endmeta - Defensive Cleaves =/= Spellcleaves >=< RLS/RMP/RLD/Etc
    Endgame - Eurocleave 5's,
    Endtank =/= ARP
    Haste =/= Fill Moves = More frequency of Hot Swapping

  5. bump for 2 new priests builds

    great primer/gank builds.
    with leaderboard healing.
    Edited: September 15, 2019

  6. You may adjust your post to be more clear.


    Rogue Battleground
    Spoiler: Show

    Priority = X and Y
    Resi = 1250+

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