1. RDF Queues and Too Many Instances

    I've had tonnes of issues over the last few days getting an RDF as dps, either the Tank or Healer can't join because "too many instances" and we get put to the back of the RDF queue, not the front, and have to wait another 10mins or so, only to have the same issue with the next tank/healer. Also apparently "too many instances" is account-wide now??? This is a private server not retail, it's 7x experience so why so restrictive with instances all of a sudden? I swear it wasn't like this a year ago, this is not a blizzlike realm, I can't be the only one who thinks this feature is unnecessary on a fun realm.

  2. It's there to prevent farming of mob drops that could flood the AH. Especially if you got 40 multibox team, each of them in their own instance, without lockout that's so much greens/cloth you could make thousands of gold in no time.

    And it's account wide to make it harder than it would have been with it being per character.

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