1. [Wotlk] Ele PvP 3/5 2/5 Combi


    I'm using "Charred Twilight Scale" as a trinket and was wondering if going for a 3/5 2/5 combi as a ele is something too reconcider?
    Is there a special "minmax" combination of the pieces where the least amount of damage is lost or is this not really woth it?

    Edited: October 9, 2019

  2. id say that, if you play something that you really enjoy and you master it, you can beat any other class easy(experience>class>spec)
    Try to play it with around 800-900 resi and rest go pve, or if you have a really good heal, go full pve (is a burst spec so you must play it in a bursty way)

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