1. Pirates Day

    So the thing is Horde and Alliance is fighting nonstop for the roof of the booty bay bank. Wowhead says the npc spawns at 13:00 server time but people have been waiting for hours and no one saw the npc. People post their achievements which dates 17 september 2019 so. Are we getting the npc spawned or not? Any GMs??

  2. At in game calender says 19.09.2019 today at 12:00 AM start, but at forum post say 17.09.2019 two days ago, witch one is true? Did the most players miss it?

  3. think Yes, most players look calendar and not forum

  4. If they decided to change the date for the 17th, they should have made the change in the calendar as well and not make people wait like a fool on the 19th.

  5. Please fix it and put there NPC back. In game said calendar 19.9. GM you should change in calendar not on forum just write in februar. Many players dont go on forum every day.

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