1. How to Disarm ICC Traps! Yeah, Really.


    And there it is, tell your ****ty rogue friends to git gudder by watching me be gud at it.

  2. tbh I love getting told/demanded to disarm traps during ICC rep farms (bc they are too stupid to look at minimap when i tell them to look so they know where they are, and then they still accidentally activate them with the reason "u didnt tell me where they are")

    but no one has ever even asked me to disarm traps during actual icc runs.
    "are there traps?"
    -not in mid atleast for first hall
    "ok just go, check traps in second room"
    - both of them are on the right side
    "cool stay left guys"

    ez no trap trigger

    just stop playing with ******ed ppl i guess? //shrug//

  3. You disarm traps.

    ez no trap trigger

    No drama, but that seems to not be your objective. //shrug//

    You know, druids do innervate instead of telling healers to conserve their mana.
    Tanks tank. Healers heal. Paladins buff. Druids combat ress. Rogues disarm traps. Etc.

    I'd love to see you pull some "my gaa, avoid traps, I'm like literally looking at it and instead of clicking on it I'm telling you where they are", just wtf mate.

  4. <-- Makes a video that has actual information , less than 100 views and no comments.

    Makes a How to Disarm ICC traps vid, gets 350 views in a week and 2 comments.

    It is now obvious to me that the obvious for you has not been obvious for me and therefore i will make the less obvious more obvious to all.

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