1. Something bigger in the future

    "the realm might be a part of something bigger in the future"

    There has beend a big update recently for tbc, but what exactly could "part of something bigger" mean?
    Many other people, me included, are definitely waiting for something "big" for the TBC Servers.

    TBC was the real peak of WoW back in the days and a lot of people lost interest with or after wotlk. Number wise wotlk might have been "the peak", but growth wise it was definitely tbc (After classic obviously). The PvP was very balanced and fun, skill was way more important than it is in wotlk and the gaps btween the s1-s4 gears weren't that big. Even the legs didn't create a crazy gap like they do in wotlk.

    But most people don't have interest in the "5x exp, 1x everything else" that we can see on Outland.
    "I'm too old for this ****" should sum it up for a lot of people.

    I don't even like wotlk that much, but the Server rates on icecrown are exellent for people that just want to have a bit of fun and invest a couple of bucks in the game, so me and some friends enjoy the **** out of it. We would definitely start playing tbc when there is a server like this out. Not too much, but not to less, nicely balanced.

    So what do you think will this "something bigger" be?
    I feel like just changing Outland would be unfair for the people who allready invested, I don't know how they think about starting a new x5/x7 Server and just hooking it up with Outland for pvp/arena like they did with icecrown/etc. If someone told me they'll be changing Outland I would be leveling right now, but not knowing what this project will be is somewhat annoying ;)

    We are definitely waiting and we are hungry for news
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  2. I might be wrong but I have heard people talking about Legion coming to Warmane...maybe to link the dying MOP server.
    Not sure what they have in mind for TBC, but yeah a new mid rate tbc would be great, or even maybe a fresh progressive WOTLK, starting from t7 onwards

  3. I am anxious as well. I watch this forum daily for any news.

  4. I got told that a lot of fixes are coming to Frostwolf, as you will be able to see in the next changelog. Unfortunately I have no ETA for that. The idea of a fresh MOP realm is good, but that would need to be discussed in a reunion in a later time. I will bring the subject to it along with other issues. As for future plans, which doesn't involve new expansions, we intend to bring a new realm with a spice. But I can't share details about it right now. Still on the table of discussions. As for transfers from LK to MoP, they are feasible, but need to be discussed as well. I will bring all of it on next reunion as well.
    If we add "Something bigger in the future" with "a new realm with a spice", this might be a hint for TBC... IF "Something bigger" wasn't the package of fixes tbc got already ;)

    I think a x5/x7 tbc would definetly be a smart move concidering that blizzard announced the possibility of a tbc server after classic. A lot of people would use warmanes server in the last stages of preperation for retail tbc and they have easily 2-3 years before that happens, good investment.
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  5. It has nothing with the TBC server...

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