1. New Player From Armenia

    Hello guys, My name is Vartan. I just started playing WoW. I opened this account 1 year ago and played some Tauren druid for a few weeks. I was unemployed then. Now I am unemployed again lol. I am looking for a friend to play together. I was in a guild but that guild kicked me I guess for inactivity which is cool I can understand it. I have 1 paladin Draenei, 1 Undead Warlock, and 30 level Tauren druid. I play 2-3 hours a day depending on my attention spawn because the game gets boring while playing alone. I am no hardcore player I am just a casual player looking for someone to have fun with. This is my first forum post btw. I wish you all a happy gaming. (I am playing at Wrath of the Lich King /with Legion models/ expansion. I am in Lordaeron but I can swap it to the other 2 server/realm if I find a friend. I do not mind starting over from a fresh char. Avsky#4513 is my discord. If anyone wants to play with me they can add me and we can talk.)
    https://ibb.co/tq3cqCJ ---- My chars
    Edited: October 9, 2019 Reason: I add my acount picture so folks can see my chars.

  2. Welcome to Warmane Vartan, or i guess i should say welcome back.

    Hopefully you'll be able to find some buddies, as the game is always more fun with friends.

    Enjoy your stay :)

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