1. Getting DC after red alert !

    Hi i recently getting a massage:
    unauthorized software or modification to your game client has been detected you will disconnected shortly

    whats the problem????

  2. its happening to me as well and I cant figure it out

  3. Heads up about certain client modifications

    October 9, 2019

    We have been improving our anticheat lately, while no specifics will be given. We wish to inform players that we will no longer allow edits of maps. We have been logging terrain edits for quite a while and have seen a number of players having these altered, some giving an unfair advantage. Starting this week we will move these checks from logging only to kicking so everyone can get rid of these illicit client modifications.

    This is under the devlog on warmane's homepage.

  4. I figured it some kind of client modification. The server would not touch you unless you changed something original. I'm happy for this update :D

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