1. Que times?

    What's going on on this server? 500 que takes hours? 8000 ques went faster on Classic when it launched, how is this possible?

  2. You realise how queues work right? 1 place in queue is 1 person logging off. people arent leaving as quick as they were on classic servers.

  3. Yes I am aware of how the system works thank you. It just seems broken that 12k is playing and the wait for 400 of them takes several hours.

  4. Donate minimum amount and skip it. 10 euro isn't much

  5. Donate minimum amount and skip it. 10 euro isn't much
    People would rather complain since the servers are free to play

  6. Or just give the piece of information I was asking for right away? I had a strong suspicion that some donation related thing is the culprit. That was all.

  7. donors skip que, population on website only shows 12000, when in reality it could be 12,500 due to donors. which means you'd have to wait for 501 people to log off before that 600 que goes down at all. throw in the fact that there's likely quite a few donors, and your que time goes up exponentially.

  8. Just donate man, nothing is for free.

  9. Lmao do people still sit in que times at these days? Totally forgot it was a thing.

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