1. Need help for Donation

    Hello guys i have some question i have Maestro Card can i donate with this card ? or using mobile with sms or With Easypay ? becouse i living in bulgaria and here not have to many options for donation...

  2. I'd recommend prepaid cards, those usually work the best. Paymentwall is notoriously bad with cards of any kind, they go as far as asking for your passport/ID and what not.

  3. have option for donation with mobile sms here ?

  4. Use paysafecard if you can, best option imo.

  5. guys i have this card its new now will work for donations ?its a debit card not credit card https://colnect.com/tr/bank_cards/ba...nk-Bulgaristan
    Edited: October 14, 2019

  6. Use paysafecard if you can, best option imo.
    how can you explain me please

  7. how can you explain me please

    In short: You go to store, ask for paysafecard, pick amount from offered. Options were 10, 25, 50 or 100 EUR, if I remember right. You pay the cashier and he/she gives you the receipt. The receipt contains serial number and PIN number in order to use it.

    When you select paysafecard as payment method, it asks for the serial and PIN numbers. You can combine multiple paysafecards to add value. They aren't one time use cards. As long as there's money left in the "card", you can use it and/or combine it with more cards.

  8. So for anyone that wants to donate you need to head to a "Checks cashed loans-debit cards" that's where you be able to get a paysafecard..... Hope this Help everyone... And FU Paymentwall

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