1. Increase Argent Tournament Daily Q Spawn Rates

    There is no reason the mainstream daily quest should have such a long respond time, specifically speaking Chillmaw, Kul the Reckless, Boneguard Commander, and Boneguard Lieutenants on a 12000+ Server.

  2. i would appreciate this change as well. it is far too crowded to finish these in an efficient manner.


    I made the suggestion in the suggestions thread. Please post your concerns there so they may look this over.

    All credit goes to gutripper.
    Edited: October 15, 2019

  3. wasted 40 or so minutes trying to kill boneguard lieutenants, but the influx of groups coming and intercepting them made me infuriated so I gave up on that one.

  4. And fix the area around them so you can pull all of them and not only be able to corpse camp 2.

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