1. Favorite console?

    Just curious, what is your favorite console?
    Currently I'd say PS4
    In the past it would have been the N64 and Goldeneye.

  2. PSP. Flash CFW and throw some emulators on it and you've got a small game pad with a decent screen for everything from mario and zelda to twisted metal and spyro.

  3. PS2
    Looking back at games I still have for it.
    GTA's, Gran Turismos, CoD's, Need For Speeds..
    Nice games, great memories.

  4. Gamecube.

    Only other console, 1st gen Wii so I can still play Gamecube games.

  5. Filthy Console Peasants.

    PC Master Race!

  6. would be either n64 or gamecube.

  7. Nintendo Switch is currently my main gaming platform with PC in second and 3DS in a close third.

  8. ps4 forever :D But I would like to try ps5 soon

  9. Ps2 cause of the amazing times I had with it.

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